"The farmer is looking for a wife."  Netizens ask if Adam is with Teresa.  The participant finally took the floor.  "The answer is..."

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In the eighth edition “The farmer is looking for a wife” Adam was a candidate for Camilla, the owner of a mushroom farm. Unfortunately, the couple did not find it common jêzyka And despite their attempts, their relationship did not work out. Tereska, adored by viewers, responded to Stanisław’s business card. The farmer made a somewhat unusual decision in the program and all of them three Send candidates home. After Farmer’s broadcast ended, reports surfaced on the Internet that candidates Camila and Stanislaw, though, found love on the show and they found each other. When asked by curious netizens, Adam finally commented gossipHowever, the answer is very vague.

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Marta and Bowie from “The Farmer Looking for a Wife” talks about the differences

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Lots of people found love in the program. They got married

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Adam comments on the relationship with Teresa

Camila’s candidate from “Farmer” is active on social media, cares about fans and willingly shares information about his life. Adam let them take the baton and organized a Q&A on his Instagram account. Not surprisingly, the lion’s share of the questions he received related to his alleged affair with Teresca.

Are you with Teresca?

Do you see Teresa?

Are you with Teresa, are they rumors? Observers asked.

Admittedly, Adam directly answered the questions, but answered them in a way that might sound like “yes” and “no.”

The answer is *** – wrote again.

Instagram of Adam from the movie ``The farmer is looking for a wife Instagram of Adam from the movie “The Farmer is Looking for a Wife’ instagram.com/@adam_dziezyc

Wanda and Bowie Rabchevsky with DodaDuda’s parents fell in love at first sight. There was also a problem

The first reports of an affair between Adam and Teresa surfaced shortly after the final match. Pomponic’s detective discovers that the couple decided to give each other a chance before the final episode aired.

It turns out that Adam and Teresa “get along” before the last episode of the show. They are very happy and do not hide their relationship from other participants. A few days ago, they officially appeared as a couple at the Farmers’ March. They were holding hands, kissing and embracing! Everyone was delighted with her, only Camila did not expect such a turn of events – said the source of the site at the time.

These rumors were confirmed a few days later during the show’s closing event. A photo of Adam and Triska began to spread on the Internet, they did not spare themselves much tenderness. For many people, photography has become the ultimate proof that a couple is in fact in a relationship. Fans of the show expected that self-interested people would officially confirm or deny the reports, but so far Adam is only warming up. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose before the holiday episode where we’ll find out more? The special episode issue of “The Farmer” is scheduled to be released on Sunday, December 26, and Marta Manowska is scheduled to visit the many couples created thanks to the program.

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