"The farmer is looking for a wife 8".  Krzysztof slipped into Kasia's bed.  "It was fun"

The farmer is looking for a wife“It is one of the most watched programs for many years. The fate of the peasants who are looking for their love in front of the cameras constantly excites viewers, and now it is broadcast eighth edition This is a realistic dating show. This time, the screen shows the fate of three farmers – Stanisław, Kamel and Krzysztof, as well as two farmers – Camila and Elipita. Each of the champions has already selected three candidates for the title of the second half. Farmers and farmers made their decisions based on the messages they received after the broadcast of the first episode of TVP and subsequent personal meetings. In the previous episode, the heroes invited the nominees to their homes.

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“The farmer is looking for a wife 8”. What happened in the fifth episode of the program?

Marta Manuska It’s the eighth time you’ve accompanied farmers in search of love. The fifth episode began with the poet’s interruption. Krzysztof decided to take a risk and slipped into Kasia’s bed.

– Male participant.

Subsequently, it was not very colorful. It turns out that Krzysztof took Bogosia for a walk at midnight. Cassia did not hide her anger and jealousy.

On another farm, all the candidates were still asleep. Stanisław began to wake the ladies. The night before, everyone was spending time together in the gazebo, joking and talking.

said the farmer.

Conversations about “everything and nothing” had their effects. Teresa noticed that a feeling was born between Stanisław and Ola.

Kamel quickly woke his candidates up, and immediately sent the ladies to work.

The farmer declared and summarized:

However, Justina was not open to new challenges and preferred to stay away.

– The candidate admitted.

Elizabeth was the only night she spent with her daughter-in-law. The farmer brought a gift to Marek, who was celebrating Name Day. On the other hand, Ryszard woke up at five in the morning to prepare breakfast.

Stanislav asked his candidates to wear an onion uniform. But first they had to clean the hall. Camilla also invited the gentlemen to work.

– She said.

Elizabeth’s candidates tried to do the job well, but unfortunately the farmer was not satisfied with how they cleaned the garden. She had a grudge and pointed them out. Only townsman Mark was the only one who didn’t enter. Elizabeth fired him from his job because he underwent back surgery. Marek reluctantly accepted the offer.

On another farm, Bogosia was the leader, showing Krzysztof just how powerful she was. The farmer noted that Kasia and Svetlana did not do their best and preferred to leave the hoe to their friend.

Everyone in the group was horrified by the behavior of Brand, who dived in and didn’t return to the surface for very long. The participants were very anxious.

Marek asked for the camera.

Kamel invited candidates to his tractor for private talks. On the other hand, Adam knocked out the whole tower of chests with mushrooms.

– said one of Camila’s candidates.

Krzysztof had another task up his sleeve. The farmer asked his ladies to test themselves by mowing the lawn with a sickle.

– Krzysztof admitted.

Elizabeth did not allow her candidates to rest while they repaired her moat. The farmer was angry at the disobedient men who quickly annoyed her.

Thrive in response.

Although Svetlana was Krzysztof’s favorite at first, she had to give way to Bogosia, who caught the attention of the farmer. Kasia and Svetlana stated that they do not stand a chance with her.

Justina was the last girl who went to have a private chat with Kamel. The farmer asked the candidate how you like him on the farm. She did not want to participate in the lie and admitted that she was not happy with the country life.

She added sad.

Elizabeth’s candidates did not allow themselves to be constantly criticized. The most lewd was the farmer’s favorite by far, Ryszard. The protagonist of the program was boiling with anger.

Ala said.

On the other hand, the distant Stanislav still could not point to his favorite. Camilla’s candidates wanted to get to know her better and asked the farmer to have more private conversations.

– She said.

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