The famous chocolate factory closed after 176 years.  “Serious blow”

After 176 years of continuous chocolate production, one of the most famous French factories of this type, the Boulin factory in Vilbaro, will close. The trade unions have already been informed about this. But details of the trial are scheduled to be announced only next Thursday.

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The factory was killed due to the prices of energy and raw materials

As the French portal Sud Oest wrote, company representatives in talks with trade unions explained the decline in profitability and the increase in prices for the main raw materials: sugar, cocoa and energy.

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The chocolate brand and the first Paulan factory were opened in Blois in 1848. Since 2017, the factory has been owned by the Carambar & Co group, which was created after the acquisition of several confectionery brands by the investment company Eurazeo.

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What will happen to workers at the liquidated factory?

110 people work at the French factory. What will happen to them now? It’s not clear yet.

As La Nouvelle Republique wrote, the exact rules for dismissal and departure will be announced this week. The French headline states that the factory received PLN 200,000 two years ago. Euros from public aid to purchase new machines.

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