January 27, 2023


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The famous actress heard that she was old, even though she was 20 years younger than the actor

The famous actress heard that she was old, even though she was 20 years younger than the actor

Gina Davis, the actress best known for her role in “Thelma and Louise,” heard from her friend who is twenty years older that she was “too old” to take on a romantic role. “Film actors want to appear younger than they really are,” Davis said.

The actress admitted that the potential lead actor refused to appear in the film because he believed that she was too old. The star of “Thelma and Louise” and “Beetle Juice” was twenty years younger than the actor from whom I heard these words. “It’s very strange and common,” Davis said of ageism. In an interview with Allison Coogle on the Allison Interviews podcast. “One of the actors who made the movie said I was too old to interest him. I’m twenty years younger than him.”

Geena Davis/Amy Sussman/Getty Images AFP/East News

Foto: Eastern News

Aging in the film industry

Geena Davis, who won an Academy Award for “Thelma and Louise” in 1992, hasn’t said who the actor is and in which movie she hopes will be starred. “When it comes to acting, women peak in their 20s and 30s, and men in their 40s and 50s,” continues Davis. “So Men in movies want to look younger than they really are or want to be compared to younger ones, which is why in movies they always want to play with a really young actress.”

“this is the reason Women over the age of 40 and 50 are often not represented in leadership roles. They are considered too old to spark romantic interest.”

There is no representation of women in the media

In 2004, Geena Davis founded the Institute for Gender in Media. The impetus for creating an institute to examine (the lack of) women on the cinema screen and behind the camera was her daughter. The actress noticed that her daughter watches little or no TV shows with female characters. Davis capitalized on her relationships with studio heads, directors, and the Actors Guild and began a discussion about why women and girls were underrepresented on screen or portrayed often in a very sexual way. The institute uses new technologies to continually monitor the industry’s progress towards gender equality. Davis has spent the past 15 years presenting the collected findings to skeptics, skeptics, and an elite of officials who would be content if the men of Hollywood ruled.

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