The Fall Netflix Maciej Stuhr movie is worth watching and reviewing

“The Fall” is primarily a family comedy, although it is not certain whether this was the creators’ intention from the beginning. There are some criminal elements to it, but it’s actually quite instrumental. From the beginning, it is clear to us that the story of Władysław Fortuna (played by Jan Peszek), a wealthy inventor, inventor of numerous patents and lover of puzzles, is intended as a family portrait, because it is unlikely to appeal to anyone. Another audience. So plan your viewing on Sunday.

In the first minutes we meet David (played by Maciej Sture), who is our narrator and guide through Władysław’s life. David is a teacher, and he doesn’t get the best, so when he and his family are invited to his uncle’s huge estate due to his death and the need to read his will, he eagerly takes off. At the gas station, she meets her long-lost cousins ​​– Karol (Mattheus Kroll) with her fiancé Karol (Piotr Polak) and Natalia (Joanna Trzebyscinska) with her boyfriend Gustaw (Piotr Pasek). Everyone is excited about the millions their uncle left them.

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When they got there, the situation turned out to be a little different than they thought. They must participate in a certain game that may bring them riches. During which we get to know all the characters better, their motivations, their plans for the future, and their mutual grievances. The comedy is predictable and it’s easy to guess where it will take us, but it gets the job done. She is gentle and unassuming, so, accepting the limitations of the genre, we can spend an hour and a half painlessly.

“The Fall” theoretically takes place in Poland and today, because we have references to the “here and now,” but that doesn’t matter much. Uncle’s estate is set in a fantasy land of frost, and everything inside suggests we should suspend disbelief in order to have fun during the session. The film was made with a global audience in mind, that is, according to Netflix’s assumptions, it should be global enough that the audience does not have to worry about not understanding the specificity of the local context.

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The idea of ​​the character of the famous uncle Władysław is successful, although it is formulaic. One of the most important episodes of his life was hosting the game show “Circle of Truth.” The film presents us with interesting parts of this program from the 90s, whose aesthetics refer to the “Wheel of Fortune”, but also contains memories of the famous Polsat show called “Go for it”.

The mainstay of the production is Maciej Sture, who is good at comedy. As a frustrated middle-aged man, he is heading toward depression, or at least panic attacks caused by financial problems. For each participant of the game, the inheritance from his uncle is a chance for a better life, but Władysław turns out to be unpredictable in his decisions, which is why none of the visitors trust anyone and tries to play for his own goal.

Will Polish audiences like “Inheritance”?
“Inheritance” does not offer much acting opportunities, but it is nice to see Matthews Kroll and Piotr Polak, who we know from “The Office PL”, playing characters in the film that are completely different from what we might expect. Unfortunately, “Inheritance” focuses on a collective hero, which means we don’t have a chance to get to know anyone well, but the screenplay does assume that these are characters whose personalities we can immerse ourselves in without moderation.

Natalia is a crime novel author, and David’s wife (Gabriella Moscala) works in the tax office. In this and other cases, we are dealing with types of heroes and not with people of flesh and blood. The teenagers are smart and cunning, Natalia is having a midlife crisis and must have a much younger partner, and David and his wife have little to say to each other and are bored with each other’s company.

Fans of crime comedies are sure to find a hint of inspiration from the popular series “Knives Out” with Daniel Craig. So, if you want an interlude in the form of a comedy that is easy to digest but not too demanding and ends with the message that the most important thing is family, then “Inheritance” would be a good choice. However, don’t expect sudden plot twists, controversial jokes, or overstepping the boundaries in comedy. Not this time.

Sure, the good cast makes watching it without too much pain, but you won’t be tearing your side up laughing every few minutes. Thus warned, you can accept the “inheritance” with the benefit of the stock.

film Inheritance, directed by Selostre Jakimov, is available from June 19 Netflix.

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