The Extremely Large Telescope in a new image.  Milky Way in the background

The Very Large Telescope is a powerful observatory that ESO (European Southern Observatory) is building in the Atacama Desert in Chile. A new photo has been published from the construction site on Mount Cerro Armazones, where the structure is being built. The picture is eye-catching.

An image released by ESO shows the progress of work on the ELT. A photo taken from inside the steel dome shows its completed skeleton, which will be covered with special panels over time. In the background you can see the night sky and the Milky Way, which certainly sounds exceptional. Over time, the Very Large Telescope will “look” at it and begin providing valuable scientific data.

The ELT design is really great. Ha Height 80 m. while Width 88 m. The frame visible in the picture will be covered with panels. The dome will consist of different layers, including thermal insulation and aluminum panels on the outside. Below is a short video showing the construction site.

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