The Expendables 3: Jason Statham almost dies The Expendables 3 |  Lee Christmas |  Fame

Has a long list of credits as an action figure, among them, “″ (“The Expendables 3 in its original language”), one of his most memorable films, but almost the last of his career.

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Represents action cinema and it is “associated with products like thisEngineer“,”Transporter“,”Blitz“Among other things, he went from being a professional swimmer to shooting dangerous movies;

The dangers of trade led the translator to risk his life, as well as injuries and falls, as in the case of Stahm. Precisely, he got his first experience in 2014’s “Immortals”. It should be noted that it is the popular ‘Rocky’. Sylvester Stallone, Admitted that his colleague was going to die on a record.

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Jason Statham drowns in “The Expendables 3” (Photo: Universal)

When Jason Statum dies during the movie “Los Industriables”

As is well known, Sylvester Stallone has no better idea than to bring together some of the most famous actors who caused an outcry between the 80s and 90s.Indestructible“(“Affordable“In its original language).

For this project to succeed later, ‘Rambo’ invited Statham, who was in the first installment, from the beginning. The 54-year-old actor will play the role Lee Christmas, Who served as the second-in-command of the paramilitary group.

According to Stallone, Statham may have died in the last part of the film, When the car that appears in the scene lost its starting lane. As a tool navy his resources were sufficient to guide the vehicle to the Black Sea and to escape from the sea floor without escaping.

“He was testing a three-ton truck and his brakes were exhausted.”, Sylvester Stallone told the “Mirror” about the accident in which Statham lost his life.

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How did Jason Statham come to cinema?

Jason Statham is coming to cinema from the hands of English director Guy Ritchie, who directed the film.Lock, stock and two smoke barrelsIn 1998. The thriller had parts of a black comedy that tells the story of four friends, a gang, a poker game and a debt.

“I really enjoyed working with Guy Richie. One, it gave me a career and two, they were one of the best films I ever made.”The actor revealed to “Esquire” in 2015.

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