“The Exorcist: The Confessor” is available immediately on VOD.  What about the second part of “The Illusionist”?
Last weekend, the horror film “The Exorcist: The Confessor” appeared in cinemas, and the film did not sell as expected, so no one should be surprised that Universal does not intend to make an exception for it and will quickly release it on streaming platforms. .

When will ‘The Exorcist: The Confessor’ be released on VOD?

Universal is among the studios still pushing hard for streaming. That’s why most of its titles are released either in theaters simultaneously or on the Peacock platform (which is the case with horror of the moment). “Five nightmares”) or has a short theatrical release window of typically 17 days.

This is what will happen with the new one “Exorcist”. As I mentioned when it airs, “follower” It will be available on paid streaming platforms (i.e. you can rent it for a fee) now October 24.

The film was produced on the same model as the trilogy “Halloween”. So he ignores all the sequels and reboots and refers to the original “The Exorcist”. “follower” It is a sequel set years later, featuring one of the stars of the original film, Ellen Burstyn, again.

Exorcist: The Illusionist, what’s next for the sequel?

“The Exorcist: The Confessor” It made money only from opening in American theaters $26.5 million. This result is much worse than the expectations that gave him between 30 and 35 million dollars. Therefore, the success was not repeated “Halloween”which rebooted the series to a sensational $76 million opening.

Meanwhile, Universal and Blumhouse bought the rights to the brand for a huge sum 400 million dollars. Fortunately for the studio, this amount includes not only the rights to produce the trilogy, but also the streaming rights to the Peacock platform and the rights to build attractions at Universal’s theme parks.

That’s why, despite the disappointing start The next part of the chain will be created. However, it will probably not be executed according to a ready-made script. The plot was well received by film critics and fans “The Exorcist: The Trickster” (Because that’s what, according to current plans, the second part of the trilogy, which is scheduled to premiere in 2025, will be called) will change.

It seems too David Gordon Green is unlikely to be behind the camera. Even before the premiere “followers” The director has suggested in some interviews that he may pass the baton to someone else and take on a new project himself.

Trailer for the movie “The Exorcist: The Confessor”

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