December 1, 2022


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The exchange of fire between North and South Korea

The exchange of fire between North and South Korea

The South Korean Army’s General Staff reported that its naval fleet fired warning shots to deter a North Korean unit that was supposed to breach the maritime border between the two countries.

In response – according to a statement by the army North Korea Delivered by the Korean Central News Agency – 10 RPG rounds were fired, with the aim of warning the other side. According to Pyongyang, the enemy ship also violated North Korean sea waters.

As the Associated Press points out, the imprecisely defined naval demarcation line has led to numerous accidents, and even clashes with casualties, between the navies of both countries. In 2010, 50 South Korean sailors were killed in two attacks.

The latest incident exacerbated the continuation of several weeks Tension on the peninsula. Pyongyang has carried out a series of ballistic missile launches in response to “provocative maneuvers” by US and South Korean forces. Since September 25, North Korea has launched 15 ballistic missiles and hundreds of artillery shells into the sea.

Seoul and Washington are conducting periodic maneuvers designed to be defensive in nature to fend off potential aggression from the North.