The European Space Agency is preparing for the Ariel mission.  Poles are participating in the project

ESA focuses on cooperation with Polish companies. We just told you about Astronika, which has been assigned an important mission related to the ExoMars mission. The European Space Agency also decided so Using the experience of the Poles in the project called ARIEL. This is a new telescope that will allow us to study exoplanets.

Sener Polska is one of the companies chosen to implement the ARIEL Mission project. The European Space Agency assigned her this role Medium gain antenna system coordinator. It will be used for communication between the space telescope and Earth.

The antenna in question has three main elements. These are ARAs used to send and receive signals from space. Then we have a mechanism to rotate the antenna, which will allow us to point it in the right direction. The third electronic module is responsible for this.

ESA has also entrusted Sener Polska with other tasks related to the ARIEL mission. They include, among others: securing the telescope against excessive loads during take-off or providing protection against solar radiation.

The target of the ARIEL mission is exoplanets, that is, planets outside the solar system. The European Space Agency wants to build a new telescope It will allow us to study it better, including its atmosphere. The device is scheduled to be ready to be launched into space Th 2029 p. Of course, provided that there is no delay.

At the same time, the European Space Agency, as part of the ARIEL mission, will enable a more detailed examination of the planets closest to us located in the solar system.

It is worth noting that NASA is also preparing a new telescope to study exoplanets. It’s a project called Habitable Worlds Observatory, which has a very ambitious goal. That’s what it is Find the planet most similar to Earth. The device would take years to develop and would likely cost billions of dollars. Currently, this telescope is in the early stages of searching for suitable solutions to achieve its goals.

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