the end of the epidemic.  Laboratories perform several tests per day

At the height of the epidemic, we performed nearly 700 tests per day in the lab. Now these are a few cases a day – said Professor F. Małgorzata Polz-Dacewicz.

Referring to the information that from May 16 the epidemic will turn into an epidemiological emergency in Poland, the professor emphasized that there are already fewer cases of COVID-19, but also much less research in this direction.

“Free examination of patients is not as widely available as during an epidemic. That is why I think that some infections go undiagnosed, although people get sick ”- values ​​the virologist.

She added that it is difficult to predict what awaits us in the fall. She noted that every year during this time, there is a period when the incidence of respiratory infections, such as influenza and other influenza-like viruses, increases. Professor A. Pauls Dacewicz.

Covid is like the flu

She stressed that her observations showed that COVID-19 is now commonly treated in the community as a common cold or flu. Meanwhile, the course of infection depends on individual preparations – some with easier COVID-19, others more difficult – so far. The main difference is that COVID-19 has long-term effects compared to other common colds, such as tiredness, prolonged coughing and difficulty breathing. What’s Next? It takes several years of observation to find out what is called post-Covid ”- explained the virologist.

She stated that at the height of the epidemic, about 700 tests were performed in her lab daily.

“Now these are a few cases a day. When someone decides to get tested now, the result is usually positive. Unless these are tests before traveling abroad – the results are usually negative” – ​​said the professor.

Different types of immunity

Referring to the population resistance index against COVID-19, she emphasized that naturally acquired immunity is lower than vaccine immunity.

“Some people have acquired hybrid immunity, that is, they have had an infection and are still vaccinated. My observations show that 9-10 months after vaccination, there is still a high antibody titer. The level of antibodies decreases over time, but not sharply in people Vaccinated Bulls Dacewicz.

Referring to the end of the epidemic in Poland, she indicated that this does not mean that the Corona virus will suddenly disappear.

If viruses are visible on a daily basis, it will be easier to protect against them. Therefore, you still have to be careful, but on the other hand, you should act normally, because you can not fall into a state of panic or excessive paranoia ”- the virologist noted.

When asked what benefit we could get from this two-year epidemic, she replied “of course we care about hygiene and our health.” “We have to wash our hands as often as possible, and when we catch a cold, we must stay at home and heal ourselves out of concern for our own health and the health of others. You should also stay away from people who show symptoms of colds, so that you do not get infected, for example, in a store Or a restaurant ”- added the professor. Pauls Dacewicz.

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