June 8, 2023


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The end of the dispute over the power plant in Jaworzno. There is a settlement between Toron and Refco

Torun has signed a settlement agreement with Ravaco that ends the dispute over Jaworzno’s power unit, the energy concern announced Friday. Settlement, which is the result of mediation before the Arbitration Court of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Poland, imposes penalties on settlement and termination of the contract.

Toron demands severe punishment. We are talking about the shortcomings of the Jaworzno power plant unit

Torun demanded Ravaco to pay contractual fines and damages for the defects in the 910 MW unit in Jaworzno for a total amount of more than PLN 1.312 billion….

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Ravaco was the contractor for a new 910 MW Toruń power unit worth over PLN 6 billion in Jaworzno.. The companies have been arguing for several months about problems with the unit’s operation. In mediation with the participation of the Public Prosecution Office in February of this year, the parties reported the conclusion of a preliminary agreement, in recent weeks they have postponed the date for signing the settlement.

As reported on Friday by Toron in the current report, According to the settlement, Ravaco will be awarded PLN 240 million for claims which, according to the concern, are the result of improper performance of the contract for the construction of the block in Jaworzno by Ravaco..

Under the settlement, Tauron Wytwarzanie will pay Rafako ia 10 million PLN for services including settlements of subcontractors and liability for claims of subcontractors involved in the construction, and PLN 14 million, among others, for a non-contractual assembly of additional parts , site purchase from the construction office in addition to the workshop and calculation documents.

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What is the dispute between Toron and Ravaco?

Tauron will also settle payments for accepted and listed businesses according to their level of progress. Its total value, taking into account the amounts actually paid, was estimated at PLN 18 million.

Ravaco will release subcontractors from any obligations that would make it difficult to start cooperation with Torun Witwarzani. The parties will terminate the contract, terminate the contractual obligations, and Toron will release Ravaco from its obligations under technical warranties.

Upon signing the settlement, which was confirmed in the appendix to the contract in February this year, Torun was no longer bound by the restrictions on unit modernization, renovation, improvement or repair, which were set out in the contract.

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