The end of the Bio Family supermarket chain in Poznan linked to the Świtalski family?

The first Bio Family store was opened in November 2017 in Winogrady district of Poznań. Only products with BIO certification can be purchased in the store. It was not only food, but also cosmetics and cleaning products. As emphasized a few years ago, chain stores are distinguished by the fact that customers can shop there even at night or on holidays – the door to the market can be opened by itself using a smartphone application.

The company responsible for creating the market is headed by Mateusz Światalski, son of Mariusz, who was the founder of the largest Polish retail chains (including Elektromis, Biedronka, Małpka Express and Żabka).

Now it turns out that the Bio Family Network may disappear from the market. According to industry portal, Bio Market Polska changed its name to VALLEY 2017. In May, the network consisted of only two stores in Poznań, although there were previously seven of them – also outside Wielkopolska. The online store is not working either. The industry portal notes that high inflation is changing the habits of consumers, who are increasingly choosing cheaper food.

Let us recall that in May last year, Forteam acquired a chain of supermarkets. It was another stage of feud between Forteam and the Świtalski family. We wrote about it over here.

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