The EMA has issued a warning.  Won't there be a fourth dose?  a.  Hurban explains (@WIDEO)

Watch the video: “Professor Harban comments on the EMA warning”

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has warned that regular booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines may negatively affect the body’s immune response and be tiring for humans. Does this mean that The fourth dose of the vaccine Won’t he be released any time soon?

answer this question the professor. Andre HurbanNational Adviser on Infectious Diseases and Principal Adviser to the Prime Minister on COVID-19.

– we do not know. This is a warning and should be investigated. Professor A.D. Horban.

The expert also added that the immune system is “very complex”, so research is being done on selective agents.

– On the basis of this selective research, we try to draw general conclusions. We know what happens after the third dose – said the professor.

a. Hurban emphasized that a vaccine cannot be given indefinitely. In some people, this can cause autoimmune reactions. But these are all deliberations and not an explicit saying: Don’t feed people. In return: Let’s get vaccinated! The first, the second, and a few months later the third dose – said the professor. Andrei Horban.

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