The electrodes were grown in the body of the fish.  Biology creates electronics

For decades, we’ve been trying to make electronics that mimic biology. Now we let biology make electronics for us.
– says the prof. Magnus Berggren, one of the authors of the publication that appeared in the journal Science.

If we can successfully combine electronic circuits and living tissue, so can it Helps treat different types of neurological disorderswill enable Create interfaces that connect the body to the computerand other technological products, and will assist in the study of various biological functions.

However, combining typical tissues and electronics is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible due to very large differences in structure and operation.

The Swedish group has developed a completely different approach. With it, a soft, easy-to-integrate electrode is created with the body electrode in living tissue. The method consists in injecting a gel with a special enzyme into the right places.

Contact with substances in the body changes the structure of the gel and it becomes an electrical conductor that it was not before the injection.
– says Xenofon Strakos from Lund University.

So the gel itself and the compounds in the body are sufficient.

In the experiments conducted so far, scientists have placed electrodes in the brain, heart, and caudal fin zebrafishAnd also around Nervous system medical leeches. The animals were not harmed.

Through clever chemical manipulation, we have been able to create electrodes that are accepted by both brain tissue and the immune system. The zebrafish is an excellent model organism for studying organic electrodes placed in the brain.
– explains the prof. Roger Olson, creator of the study.

He proposed this experiment after reading a paper describing experiments at Linköping University that had successfully created similar electrodes in rose tissue.

However, plants have a different structure – their cells have a solid wall, which makes the task easier for scientists.

Our findings open up entirely new ways of thinking about biology and electronics. We still have many problems to solve, but this study is a good starting point for future work.
– Mentions co-author of achievement.

Source:, PAP

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