Ms. Lydia and her partner established a company dealing with furniture restoration two years ago. Previously, the woman did it on a small scale in her own cellar, and then moved to a small workshop. When it turned out that there were more and more orders, I moved to another place.

I worked hard to communicate my company to clients. This is real hot, day and night, seven days a week, with no holidays or long weekends, practically no holidays – says Lidia Marzycka.

There was no electricity

When a woman moved to a new place, there was no electricity. Therefore, Lady Lydia signed a contract with the electricity provider. Representatives of the energy company opened the meter. Furniture renovation is in full swing. But the joy did not last long. At the beginning of August, the electricity was cut off.

Due to the lack of electricity, I cannot use my basic tools such as the grinder. I have high-quality equipment, adapted to my work. I invested a lot of money in it and now it is not used – the entrepreneur regrets.

– I write letters and complaints to E.ON all the time and nothing – says Mrs. Lydia.

Why is Lydia, despite signing a contract with a power supplier, no electricity?

– This is a very complex issue – admits defender Peter Kaszwick. And he explains: – It seems to me that it all started when Mrs. Lydia signed a contract for the supply of power and meters. The company directed specialists realize that there is already a meter in the building, and instead of installing a new meter or informing the demanders of such a problem, they begin to supply power to the meter that was previously in the building. In this way, electricity was withdrawn for a long time at the expense of a person who no longer rents the building. So, at some point, the electricity was cut off.

Lady Lydia decided to find the previous tenant, and found the addresses of his other businesses.

– I wanted to pay off the debts of the previous company, just to let the electricity flow – says the woman.

no effect. The businessman is not found.

Termination of an old contract?

Another surprise came when Ms. Lydia from E.ON learned that it was she who had to terminate the contract made by the indebted former user of the buildings.

– How can you terminate a contract that you do not enter into yourself? – Surprised defender Piotr Kaszyewak.

We decided to clarify the matter at the headquarters of E.ON Polska.

– I am very sorry that Mrs. Lydia faced such a situation. It was the result of the fact that Lady Lydia, as a tenant, had incorrect information or she might not have had it at all. By going to the seller, you may have inadvertently misled him. She ordered a new contract, a new counter, and therefore an incorrect procedure was triggered – explains Alexandra Smyczyńska, Director of Communications at E.ON Polska.

And how was Lydia supposed to end a contract she never did?

A company spokeswoman, in correspondence with our editorial office, requested that the answer to this question be removed. Earlier, I told our journalist that there are situations in which the previous tenant disappears, and this burden falls on the shoulders of the next tenant.

A company spokeswoman responded that she was not an attorney and would have to consult attorneys to answer that question.

– It is not possible to terminate a contract for someone if we do not have the power of attorney to do so, says Agnieszka Głośniewska, press spokesman for the Office of Energy Regulatory. He adds: – I don’t know exactly this case, but I advise Mrs. Lydia to contact our local office. We can definitely help clear this up and if we have information from all parties involved, we will know what went wrong.

Electricity is back

Finally, Mrs. Lydia received the information: “Hello, we bring good information. The operator agreed and as of 10/1/2022 we will be your electricity provider. “

Great news, but also sad. I wonder if this has anything to do with our conversations and the editor’s interests? Although the good news after five months is better than nothing. It is also an answer that the matter can be resolved sooner than it has been settled – as Peter Kashiviak believes.

It turns out that the operator turned on the electricity immediately after sending the email to Mrs. Lydia.

We asked an E.ON spokeswoman, how did it happen that Lydia had electricity even though she had not terminated any contract?

– Complaints and information from Ms. Lydia caused the contract to be released. Everyone did their best to help Mrs. Lydia, and we were in touch with Mrs. Lydia. Everyone acted to the best of their knowledge and I am very happy that Mrs. Lydia has electricity and can work – says Alexandra Smyczyńska.

– We won together and I thank you with all my heart. Were it not for attention, I still had no electricity, because no one wanted to help me. I will have to close the company – says Lydia.

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