January 27, 2023


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The Elden Ring may contain an animal-like animal

The Elden Ring may contain an animal-like animal

March 28, 2022, 20:07

There may be a beast in the Elden Ring. Traces indicating such a possibility are found in game files.

elden ring He hides some secrets. As it turns out, the latest production from studio From Software can contain animals. This is due to the images in his files.

A Twitter user with a pseudonym accessed this information JesterPatches. And he posted in a series of posts a number of pictures of different characters in the game. According to him, the files contain drawings of a total of 64 creatures that appear in the game – including pigeons and dogs. It is interesting that there were no heads among them. This may indicate that pets were supposed to contain only NPCs and common opponents.

In addition, each character has two versions of the graphics – light and dark. However, it is difficult to determine the purpose of their use. JesterPatches himself suggests that this may have helped us see if we ever had a hero. However, it is impossible to say whether this is actually the case.

of software is still working on elden ring It adds new content to the game. So it is possible that a pet will also come into production one day.

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