The economist does not bite his tongue.  We’re going to raise prices or get bogged down

In March 2023, the inflation rate was 16.1%. According to the latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics. At the same time, the core inflation rate is 12.2%. Therefore, the following months will bring only a slight decrease in inflation – we expect that in April it will reach 14.5-15 percent. The changes will mainly relate to a slower increase in food prices compared to the previous year. PIE experts say core inflation will remain high.

On the policy of the Monetary Policy Board in the context of persistent inflation above the NBP inflation target in an interview with portal said Stanislaw Gomoka, economist at the Business Center Club and former deputy finance minister. At the same time, he warned that the method of reducing inflation with the lowest possible social cost threatens us to enter the “swamp zone”.

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