The doctor performed a complex operation.  I got 80 zlotys

In July, the law on minimum wages for doctors was changed, but their earnings remain controversial. A doctor shared the amount of money she got for a complex operation.

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1. Show how much you paid for a complicated process

Doctor specializing in Vascular surgery She posted on Twitter a screen of the payment she received from the facility where she works. Shows the amount of PLN 5,193.36 for one-time work. The woman added that The hospital paid her less than 100 PLN for a complicated operation.

– 2.5 hour complex operation to restore the entire iliac artery and occlusion of the popliteal artery using fluoroscopy (X rayI earned 80 PLN net (32 PLN net for 1 hour of work). For 160 working hours – 1 job – in August, the hospital transferred 5,193.36 PLN to my account – the doctor wrote.

The specialist points out another problem.

– Description of the operation protocol – the same coated stent that must be implanted into the clot Arteriosclerosis The iliac artery costs 6 thousand. zloty. The work of a specialist is the cheapest here – I do not hide my remorse.

2. The minimum wage for a doctor in 2021

In 2021, the government introduced an amendment to the law on minimum wages for doctors. Currently, the minimum wage for a specialist doctor is PLN 6769. Doctors who are in the process of specialization receive lower amounts from 4000 to 5000 PLN.

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