February 3, 2023


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The dispute between the Greens and its leader is being taken to court

Court document obtained by the CBC, the English network of Radio-Canada, the political organization headed by Sling, who overthrew its leader, This is contrary to what was said on Monday, Not completed.

We now understand that it was a refereeing decision that allowed Ms Paul to say that her leadership would no longer run until August 21, the scheduled date for the party’s next general meeting – a detail that has not yet been revealed.

Or, Lay PVC Rejects this condemnation. His lawyers are asking the court to overturn the arbitrator’s decision to order the party’s decision-making body, the Federal Council – not only to cancel the no-confidence vote against Annami Pal, but to drop it. Retrieve his party membership card.

The PVC Mrs. Since Paul’s employment contract falls under the Green Party fund, it is the body that controls the wallets of political parties – not the Federal Council. In fact, the Green Party Fund also challenges the arbitrator’s order.


Photo: Radio-Canada / Guy LeBlanc

Annami Paul is dragged along with members of the Federal Council PVC Since several weeks. The party’s position on the Middle East conflict has been at the center of controversy, especially with Fredericks MP. Genica led Advin to the exit. It sits now With Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

The Green Party criticizes Annami Paul for not denying her former adviser, Noah Jatzman, after Ms. Advin called her an anti-Semite. MS, who prides herself on being the first black woman of Jewish faith to lead a federal political party. Racism And Sex.

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Ms Paul did not regret speaking on Wednesday Summit on Anti-Semitism Organized by the Trudeau government.

I am the first Jewish woman to lead a major political party in Canada, and I am only the second Jewish person [à diriger un parti] For the past 45 years, my perspective on this conversation has been significant, Said.

Since Ms. Advin’s departure, the party has only two members, including former leader Elizabeth May, who backed Annami Paul’s candidacy in the last presidential election, and Paul Manley, who came under heavy criticism from Nova Judgeman last spring.