The discovery of Mars sparked excitement.  Does it remind you of anything?  - O2

The hole in the photo is Airy-0. Its name goes back to the British astronomer George Biddle Airy. The image below was taken on September 8, 2021, NASA reports. It was made using the scientific experiment of high-resolution imaging, according to

Netizens have recently become excited about the photos that the space station shared, among others, on Instagram. This is because the first thing they linked to the image was a human fingerprint. It’s also no secret to NASA scientists who also have such a connection.

NASA. A crater with a diameter of 0.5 km resembles a human fingerprint

According to Abigail Freeman in an interview with the Live Science portal, the scientist involved in the Curiosity rover mission, as well as the well-known planet researcher, who was recently asked about the “footprint on Mars”, is due to its appearance due to the so-called Aeolian transverse ridges.

The visible ‘bumps’ had a lot in common with dunes – like those we also meet on Earth, but they were still covered in dust. Freeman adds that it is most likely hematite. He finds that the hole reflects light in a very efficient way.

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