The difference between lorry cabins 2.3m and 2.8m - an option, for example, for a pair

Above: the video in question, 2.8m version of 20 seconds

The Australian Kenworth branch posted a very interesting video. It is a visualization of the truck sleeper cab, which shows how you can develop a body of exactly 2.8 meters in length. This is exactly half a meter more than a typical European cabin, usually 2.3 meters in length. It is also 20 cm more than the largest models in Europe, such as the DAF XG, Volvo Globetrotter XXL or Scania Highline XL (described only yesterday, over here).

The car from the registry is a Kenworth K220, which is only intended for the Australian and New Zealand market, although it comes from the US. The body of this model is installed on the engine, just like on European vehicles, while the sleeper version is available in two variants. The first of them is 2.3 meters long, which in practice means the dimensions at the European level and the bed is installed directly behind the armchairs. The second variant is extended to 2.8 meters, which gives the driver even more comfort. You can see it in the pictures below:

2.8m Cab Outside:

2.8 meters inside the cab:

As you can see in the video in question, the difference between 2.3 and 2.8 meters is really big. For the latter, Kenworth offers a single lower bed, along with an upright refrigerator and a full-size microwave oven. In such a system, the driver also has a lot of freedom of movement and even leaving the lower bed does not feel like it. In addition, Kenworth offers an option for couples who want to drive a truck together without giving up sleeping together. Then a wide double bed appears in the lower part of the cabin, and additional storage spaces are installed under the ceiling.

The bad news is that there are no 2.8m cabins in Europe yet. So the above options will still be unavailable. There is also some good news though. It is a fact that the new EU regulation, effective from September 2020, gives European producers unprecedented freedom. Provided that they demonstrate improved safety and aerodynamics, they can extend the body up to 90 cm, without excluding the possibility of towing full-size trailers. So you can think of exactly the same layout as on the Kenworth K220, with a steeply pitched roof over the work area and a half-meter extended bedroom.

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