The lights did not light up

Celine Dion’s Godfather and Godmother Michael and Claude hated the film Alin, By actress and director Valérie Lemercier. The bag was emptied Tuesday night at the shooting site 4th week of July, And in their strong words there is no trace of love or friendship.

“My mother never spoke to Rene like that, and Celine never wanted anything. We go to a gang in Bougon. Sorry, but in Charlemagne, we had no cabin and the house was always clean. We always say that Mom knows how to do everything and Dad has three jobs, so we’ll never have to suffer. ”

In the movie AlinReleasing in theaters on Thursday, Claudette Dion did not identify her language, family or her roots. “It’s not a big hit for me. I’m sorry,” Claude Diane said at the beginning of the interview.

Near Claude, Michael Dion nodded. Michael was Celine Dion’s stage manager for 30 years and discovered many true flaws in the film.

For example, Celine Diane was never a happy makeup artist, Celine was never lost in her own home in Las Vegas, she never piled bags of sugar in her wallet, and she never went through the window of the family home. Her wedding dress, in particular.

“It simply came to our notice then. There are many autobiographies, documentaries and DVDs, ”recalls Michael Diane. “Celine gave her life for everyone, and we know it by heart. See if we can swallow it,” Gladd Diane continued.

In Alin, Lasting two hours, Claude Diane “eats celine anyway”, not appreciating that she “stole” and “stole lunch”. “I’m right. It’s not, it never was,” Claude Dion, who played Pascal Desrochers in the film, insisted.

According to Michael Diane, Antoine Vesina (very well, by the way) includes him. The character was renamed Jean-Bob and is actually a mix of Celine’s three brothers, Clement, Jack and Michael. Instead of showing Alin, Michael Dion never wrote music It was a dream come true, Celine’s first hit. Jack Dion did it in 1981. Also Maman Dion wrote the lyrics.

Saw the picture Alin And I fully share the bookings of the Dion family. This is a troublesome product.

First, Valérie Lemercier’s accent is zero, and it stands out among all Quebec players. Already, things are starting to get worse for the project’s credibility. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

La Aline Dieu, by Valérie Lemercier, is a reduced edition of the original Celine, not submitted to Rene Angel. The boss is hers, remember. What about the fictitious names given to members of the Dion clan, such as Anglomart Diu (Ademar Dion), Guy-Claude Comer (Rene Angel) or Jean-Bobin Du (Michael Dion)? This is so ridiculous. No one is called like that here, so let’s see.

The special effects of Valérie Lemercier’s face on baby Celine Dion’s body are very different. Looks like the failed Benjamin Button pastiche. Also, there is a long scene where Celine’s siblings repeatedly pronounce the word “Vatican” instead of “Vatican”, and one wonders: but who gave them such bad advice on the set?

After hearing about Diane’s family’s negative comments, Valérie Lemercier canceled a days-long confirmed interview she was giving to Julie Snyder at her Montreal hotel.

Joined by Press On Tuesday evening, producer and presenter Julie Snyder said she was disappointed with Valérie Lemercier’s departure. “It is unfortunate that Gladdie and Michael Diane’s very fair freedom of expression has annoyed anyone who claims to value Celine Diane and her family.Me Since Dion’s family spoke for the first time in his film, Lemercier cancels his presence on our show. Quebec, France and the French – speaking world were all curious to know what members of the Diane family think of a film that captures their sister’s life and their lives, ”Julie Snyder responded.

All men’s gold is worth a little review, isn’t it?

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