The death toll increased.  There is an answer to the message of German intellectuals: Ukraine needs heavy weapons

The call of the German intelligentsia, “The armistice now!” He appeared in the weekly “Die Zeit” at the end of June. She called for negotiations to end Russian aggression against Ukraine. It has been said that the supply of arms is the wrong path.

In the counter report “Heavy Weapons Now!” , found by media group RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), experts in Eastern Europe “take a hard line against the more than 20 signatories calling for a ceasefire and questioning their powers”. outlet. we read.

Since it is about Russia’s war against Ukraine, “The complete absence (between the two signatories) of scholars of Ukrainian and/or Russian politics, military, history and culture is astonishing.” – We read more in a counter signed, among others, by historians Andreas Kappeler and Timothy D. Snyder, German Green Party politicians Rebecca Harms and Marieluz Beck, and former German ambassador to Moscow Ernst Jörg von Studnitz.

It is worrying, in their view, that the “mass confiscations, deportations, maimings and killings of civilians in the Ukrainian territory occupied by Moscow in 2022” are apparently secondary to the signatories of the cease-fire appeal.

“The number of deaths and destruction is increasing every day,” and whether Ukraine will resist “and push the Russian forces away depends in large part on the provision of heavy weapons by the West.” – said the RND, founder and president of the Zentrum Liberale Moderne Ralf Fuecks Research Center, signed under the letter.

Source:, PAP

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