The death of a Russian fisherman.  The bear who shot him killed him

On June 9, a Russian hunter was reported missing in the Tula region of western Russia. His body was found two days later.

The rest of the text is below the video:

Investigators searched the place where he was found, and reconstructed a possible version of events. As it turned out, the hunter most likely died because of the bear that was hunting him.

Fifty meters from the hunter’s body was the body of a bear. The animal died of its wounds. Both bodies were close to the hunting platform. The hunter had injuries indicating that he had been inflicted by an injured bear.

According to investigators, the man left the pulpit after hitting the bear. It turned out that the animal was still alive. After she killed the man, she died 50 meters away.

– The hunter fired from the pulpit and hit the bear. An informant from Interfax said that when he got down to the ground, he was crushed by a bear.

Sources: Interfax

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