The daughter of Tomasz Ovechinsky was taken to the hospital

“Plans are plans, and my life … Yesterday, when I went to لودód, I called Ola [partnerka Oświecińskiego – przyp. red.]The ambulance service took Majka to the hospital because she was suffering from abdominal pain. We suspected jar fungus poisoning, but a preliminary diagnosis was made – appendicitis. Since yesterday, the girls have been waiting at the hospital to decide what to do next. We don’t know if they will come home for the holidays we have been waiting for,” the famous actor said.

In this tense situation, the actor took all the household chores on his shoulders. “However, we do not lose faith, so I myself at the station do my best to make everything as planned when the girls come home. I fry and cook and go to the store and clean it. I always knew that preparing for the holidays was a big effort but I didn’t think That!” – writes the star “M jak miłość”.

Tomas Oveczynski He ends his letter with reflection: “This situation shows that there is nothing more important in life than the health and support of loved ones. Without it, there is nothing.”

His partner, Alexandra, supports him with ideas. “I believe in you and that you will be able to embrace this chaos of shopping and ordering before Christmas” – he said on his Instagram account. In her post, she also mentioned that if the doctors decide to perform an operation, it will be Maja’s first operation in her life. The woman is overwhelmed by the fear that a possible action will prevent her daughter from riding a horse for so long, which is her passion.

Maja has followed in her father’s footsteps and is also realizing herself in the acting field. For years, he has appeared in the series “Na Wspólnej”, where he portrays Julka, the daughter of Igor Nowak (Jakub Wesołowski).

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