The Czech Republic also places restrictions on non-vaccinators.  More countries with restrictions [LISTA]

More European countries are being introduced restrictions For unvaccinated people. Europe It is currently the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and the worst case in the east and central continent.

bone Vaccines In Europe, it was administered in Portugal, where two doses of the preparation were 88% received. population. 80 percent were also vaccinated. Spaniards 76%. Danes, 74 percent, Belgians 73 percent. Dutch. Countries where there is interest vaccinations Less, they plan to impose additional restrictions on non-vaccinators.

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Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, as of Monday (November 22), a negative coronavirus test result in most cases will not be considered a Covid certificate. This was announced by the outgoing Prime Minister Andrej Babisz. Starting Monday, only vaccinations and recovery status from COVID-19 will be known when it comes to using public services and events. He said people should finally believe that COVID-19 kills.

The restrictions, similar to those already in place in Bavaria, are due to be adopted by the Czech government during its meeting on Thursday. This means that from Monday, only those vaccinated against COVID-19 and convalescents will be able to participate in public events and use restaurants, hotels and most services. The exception will be for children and adolescents between 12 and 18 years of age, for whom the PCR test will be recognized. Younger ones will not need any certification.

On the other hand, a negative antigen test result should only be considered in the case of health care and geriatric workers who undergo regular testing.


Austria Already on Monday (November 15) it imposed a ban on unvaccinated people and is expected to last until November 24. The ban on leaving the apartment applies to all Austrian citizens over 12 years old who have not been vaccinated COVID-19 Or they do not have a medical certificate. New regulations allow for doctor visits and participation in church services, as well as leaving the residence to make necessary purchases. The regulations exclude people who cannot be vaccinated against the coronavirus for health reasons.

Earlier, the federal government enacted laws allowing only vaccinated people to visit restaurants, Hotels or cultural institutions. new restrictions It speeds up the vaccination procedure. About 65 percent of Austrian citizens are now vaccinated, which is lower than the European Union average of 67 percent.


From November 12 in Denmark The obligation to show certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 has been restored, among other things, in restaurants and buildings where there are more than 200 people or places for two thousand people. people in the air.


Due to the burden placed on healthcare and the slow progress of vaccination, the government has decided that a negative coronavirus test result will not serve as a permit to enter some public places and facilities (such as cultural, recreational, restaurants, bars and cafes). These places – at least until the beginning of January – are only available to vaccinated people.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesDr.. Anthony Fauci: The next wave of COVID-19 won’t miss a vaccine


People who have not been vaccinated in Greece must submit a negative test result from November 6 in order to go to offices, shops, banks or restaurants. All employees of private companies and public offices who have not been vaccinated must also submit negative PCR or antigen tests twice a week, which they must finance out of their own pockets.


The German government is considering a strict ban on non-vaccinators. It is planned, inter alia, new rules in local and remote transport – it will require a negative coronavirus test, a certificate of illness history or a certificate of vaccination. The closure to the unvaccinated is also taken into account, similar to what was introduced in Austria.


In order to persuade the Russians to vaccinate, local and federal authorities have introduced various types of restrictions, including electronic codes confirming the acceptance of the preparation. They are in Parliament work Through the QR-code law, which states that only people with a certificate confirming vaccination will be accepted in shopping centers, cultural institutions and public transport, including planes and trains. These regulations are already in force in some regions. Local administrations also introduced compulsory vaccinations for service workers and the elderly.

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Bisha on the introduction of the vaccination test: Yes, it is a difficult political decision


Slovakia plans to tighten epidemiological restrictions on people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. The vote will take place on Thursday (November 18). Among the proposals, which will run for three weeks, is to ban entry of unvaccinated people into parts of shops, malls, gyms, swimming pools, hotels and public gatherings.


The authorities have imposed many restrictions on unvaccinated people, including in local transport or shopping malls. However, people who received a single dose of the vaccine are exempt. Restaurants are open and open to anyone with a vaccination certificate.

Two doses of the coronavirus vaccine have so far received 22 percent. Ukrainians. President Volodymyr Zelensky promised special vouchers for vaccination in the amount of 1,000 hryvnia, equivalent to about 150 zlotys. This amount will be transferred to the vaccinated people on their own state account Application On the Deja phone. It will be possible to spend it for specific purposes: you will be able to buy a subscription to sports and fitness training, buy tickets to a cinema, theater or museum, or buy home tickets roads By air or rail transportation.


The Italian government is considering introducing a “two-speed” COVID-19 card to save Christmas. The proposal envisages more emphasis on the sanitation permit, which is currently issued on the basis of vaccination, recovery from the virus or the result of a negative test in the past 48 hours. Only vaccinators can enter restaurants, cinemas and stadiums.

Your test result will still qualify you to enter work. Therefore, this proposal was called a “two-speed lane”. It is also possible to issue a health permit only to those who have been vaccinated and fully recovered in the past six months.

Green Passage is required at all workplaces, universities, cultural institutions, indoor dining rooms, swimming pools, gyms, sports facilities, air transportation, high-speed trains, intercity trains, interagency buses or group events.

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