The cool figure of Iga Świątek in Indian Wells.  Halep is gone, but the final is here

The tournament in Indian Wells is in many ways a time trial for Iga Świątek. She came here with great chances not only to succeed in this particular event, but also to the standings and her entire sporting future. It came after an impressive performance in Qatar, after a string of victorious matches against its top ten rivals, and there was pressure to keep those expectations and hopes alive. Raszynianka could sense it, but it turned out that it didn’t affect her potential and the quality of the game in any way. On the contrary – as shown by the match with Halep, the former leader in the WTA rankings and French Open and Wimbledon champion, it gave her more enthusiasm.

The stars are watching and clapping

Watched a Christmas match with Halep, the greatest of women’s tennis stars: Martina Navratilova, who focused before the start of the competition at the tennis park in Indian Wells, on the success of the Polish woman, Caroline Wozniacki, who commented on the competition. in California for Channel Tennis, and Monica Seles, one of them right next to the court. A precursor of tennis, which Iga well developed after many years. This former Yugoslav actress was the first, along with Stevie Graf, to play with strength, precision, and ruthlessness, using her own hit edge.

Monica Seles right next door – see how closely she follows the action on the field in Indian Wells and the amazing IGA Świątek games

The stars have been fascinated with how the 20-year-old tennis player from Raszyn has grown in recent weeks. Iga Świątek has grown into the biggest tournament of the WTA 1000 Series, in which she is undefeated this season. She won five matches in Doha, and now five matches in Indian Wells. In them, she beat everyone – slam champions, right-handed and left-handed competitors, athletes and junior competitors, top-ranked competitors and competitors thirsting for success. With a whole host of competitors, with the entire professional world. His next big actor was the 30-year-old girl from Constanta.

Swiatek wins in a big way

Iga knew she had a tough and demanding opponent in front of her, playing at a much higher level than her rankings (#24) and her place in the WTA roster would indicate thirteenth. It was caused by a big long gap last season and missed championships. When the health problems disappeared, Halep immediately returned. She was also doing a great job in Indian Wells.

Swiatek started the semi-finals with great confidence, winning her three service games without having to defend any stopping points. And launched a specific attack. In the sixth match, she “sat” on an experienced opponent from Constanta and scored a break. The opponent could not get any ball with his own pass. It was 4:2 for Iga and the prospects for the end of the group are great for now. We had Świątek playing imperial style.

Watch how Świątek got his first break. to hit!

Swiatek chased and how!

Iga confirmed that she felt more confident in the “desert cold” conditions at low temperatures than during the day. In the quarterfinals, she gave Madison Keys demolition, with superb control of the shot. This was also the case with Halep, although she was in a much higher position than the American.

A lot of balls returned to the side of the Polish woman, and of course there were crises sensitive to Iga. Unfortunately, she lost the seventh match, and Simona won the next two. From a certain leadership, all of a sudden it was 4:5 and you had to chase it down. Iga was haunted – and how!

See how Swiatek most likely finished important actions at the end of the first set

I broke the net

In the tenth game, you sent bombs around the last centimeter of the finish line and quickly reclaimed the lost ground. In the end, this match saw a tiebreak, with Świątek long again on the streak. They were losing 0-2, 2-4, 4-6. Halep had two hundred tokens. She didn’t use both, also thanks to Iga’s great network play. Perhaps this is the element that the tennis player has mastered lately. The way you finished each exchange should have elicited the highest rating. In the decisive moments, she did not make any mistakes at all. And it was this courage that allowed her to end the exchange of keys in the first group.

Halep was furious that she had the opportunity to take the initiative. She knew that when Iga won the first set, it was virtually impossible to move afterward. All the energy that was drained from her and frustration took its place. It culminated in the missile being angrily destroyed after working at high speed.

Great Dedication of a Polish Woman

The second group started with a dedication show by Ega Švitek. She fought for one of the balls so selflessly that it fell under the net, it even fell into it and showed what kind of heart you have to play here. She didn’t leave anything out, she didn’t take breaks, she didn’t look for cheap excuses. She was playing at her best, win-win situation. She had scrapes, that first game action must have cost and hurt her, but she fought back. Her wounds didn’t hurt…

Watch how self-sacrificing Świątek was trying to get every ball in the match against Halep

But this time, she was the first to browse on her website. Exactly then, what Halep a little earlier. In the sixth half. Simona had an advantage at 4:2 and lost it as in the previous part of the Iga. But unlike the Polish woman with a score of 4: 5, she was no longer able to get up.

You have met our master class

I lost the match 6:7(6), 4:6, recognizing our champion class. He bowed under the weight of her blows. After the match, the happy Ega threw the racket and began to spin positive circles with her hand. It was a great match, a great victory, great feelings, a great success…

The way Swiatek beat all limits in this match was simply amazing. In the quarterfinals, she had the incredibly offensive Keys, and now she’s a tennis player of a completely different kind, a regular to Halep’s pain. Everything was in her hands. Iga is awesome, Iga in the absence of Ashleigh Barty is playing the best girls on the tour right now. On different continents, in different climatic conditions and in different weather.

Watch the great joy of Iga Świątek after reaching the final in Indian Wells

We have a hero of flesh and blood

What we hope will be confirmed in the final on Sunday. We have a hero of flesh and blood. We already know this for sure. No matter how the last game in Indian Wells ended. And we just remind you that when Swiatek is already in such matches, he simply does not lose. Recall: Paris – 6: 4, 6: 1 with Sofia Kenin, Adelaide – 6: 2, 6: 2 with Belinda Bencic, Rome 6: 0, 6: 0 with Karolina Pliskova. And most recently – Doha 6:2, 6:0 with Annette Kontaveit. Fifth victory is at hand. In this form, Świątek is the undisputed candidate for the title.


Indian wells. WTA Championships (total prizes $8.6 million)


Iga Świątek (Poland, 3) – Simona Halep (Romania, 24) 7:6 (6), 6:4 in one hour. 49 minutes

Watch the snippet and all the main action of the Christmas semi-finals – Halep. And the joy of extraordinary Iga!

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