June 7, 2023


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The conjunction of Venus and Uranus this weekend!  How do you see it?

The conjunction of Venus and Uranus this weekend! How do you see it?

Close-ups of objects in the sky are popular astronomy bread. These phenomena have a name assigned to them, which is jointly. They occur on average once a month, and are often attended by the moon when the next moon visits Planets of the solar system It is located along the plane of the ecliptic.

Two planets meet in the sky much less frequently. This is due to the dynamics of these facilities is a little lower, but this will happen this weekend Convergence of Venus and Uranus.

Uranus and Venus They are very distant planets. In fact, there is a distance of several billion kilometers between them. How can they get close to each other? Evil is in the details.

There are no real distances between celestial bodies in the sky. For this reason, if they are in correct alignment with the Earth, they give the impression that they are very close to each other. This is the essence jointlyin which it will be Venus and Uranus.

yes jointly It will require sacrifices, but the event will take place over the weekend, so there will be an opportunity to go after any shortfall in rest. The show will take place June 12 around 3:00. Everything will fall on the southeast horizon, and the only difficulty may be to observe sunshine.

An obstacle-free place will be needed for observation Northeast skyAnd also a portable optical instrument in the form of binoculars for example. Venus will be visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, uranium is much darker and its observations will require the use of props. Its dial will hang at the eleventh hour from the bright planet Venus.

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