The conflict between Ukraine and Russia.  Marcin Wirwal from Kiev: We are glad there are no shots

Marcin Wirwall referred to the advertisements that appeared in many media outlets, which predicted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen on the night of February 15/16. – According to all the data, this was supposed to be another date of the inevitable, assured aggression of Russia. Perhaps the Ukrainians are a little tired of these upcoming dates, they laugh a little about it. The British newspaper “The Sun” broke the boundaries of absurdity, even giving the exact time of the attack.

– Regular traffic happens here. Ordinary day – said Marcin Wirwal in his report from Kiev.

Onet journalist was asked about the issue of cyber-attacks on Ukrainian government websites and banks. – When he “cheated” this information for the first time, it seemed very serious. Two state military institutions, the Ministry of National Defense and the Ukrainian Armed Forces side, and two banks, were attacked, Marcin Wirwall said, adding that the cyberattacks were not “very sophisticated”. More serious attacks by Russian hackers have already occurred in recent years.

When asked about reports of a possible withdrawal of Russian forces, the Onet journalist stated that this may be part of Russia’s disinformation policy. – Some units moved towards the border and others left (…). I think that’s how the Russians wanted to create extra tension, said Marcin Wirwall.

“At the moment we are breathing fresh air, at the moment we are happy that there are no shots, but unfortunately at a moment we can return to the acute phase of this struggle,” said Marcin Wirwall.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the exercises in Crimea have been completed

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the forces of the Southern Military District have ended their participation in the exercises in the Crimea and are moving towards permanent extraction sites. Crimea, which was annexed in 2014, includes Russia into its Southern Military District.

The ministry announced in a press release that the soldiers had completed their participation in “tactical maneuvers in the Crimea” and returned “by train to the places of permanent disintegration.”

Tracked military vehicles, including tanks and self-propelled howitzers, were loaded for transportation. The Ministry of Defense announced that “the military ranks will deliver combat equipment and soldiers to the permanent deployment points of military units.”

The situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border is tense. Although Moscow asserted that it had begun to withdraw its forces, the West found no evidence of such actions. – We have not verified this information yet. Our analysts say they may still be in a dangerous position. 150,000 people remain along the border with Ukraine. Soldiers. US President Joe Biden declared an invasion highly likely. Russia says it has finished its training and is withdrawing part of the army.

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