The Chinese SUV is larger than the Skoda Kodiaq by 54 thousand.  Zloty!  It’s full of grazing and it’s already a hit [ZDJĘCIA]

You can laugh, but the truth is that the Chinese are making better and better cars, and their prices are unimaginably low. This Chinese SUV larger than the Skoda Kodiaq costs only 54,000 PLN and has really good equipment. The car has already been a huge sales success.

Chinese SUV is better than Skoda

Kodiaq’s Bigger Chinese SUV Sells 36 Times Better Than Skoda! If the major European producers do not start paying attention to the performance/price ratio, they may soon face a major problem. Chinese SUVs don’t inspire much confidence, but those prices make for a tasty bite.

In recent months, it seems that Skoda will completely lose the Chinese market. The Czech brand in its largest market is facing huge sales problems and if it does nothing, it will collapse completely in China. All thanks to cars like this SUV.

Cars of competing brands are becoming more and more attractive, and Skoda seems to have rested on its laurels. China is not subject to the restrictions we are used to in the European Union, so they offer similar cars, but at a fraction of the price of a Skoda or a Volkswagen.

Chinese suv is bigger than Skoda Kodiaq

Volkswagen Group will leave China?

An example of a car that is causing Skoda in China a big problem is the Jetour X90. A large 7-month-old SUV, a direct competitor to the Skoda Kodiaq, the prices for which in our market start from 150 thousand. zloty. We, of course, are talking about the absolute base, that is, the 1.5 TSI engine, front-wheel drive and five-seater interior. We will have to pay another 5,000 PLN for an extra row of sofas.

We will get a very interesting car, of course, with a large trunk and an impressive 1.5 TSI engine with 150 hp. But we can not dream of an automatic transmission or a 4×4 engine. The standard equipment is also not extensive. If we wanted the Kodiaq on full grazing, we would pay upwards of 200,000 PLN for it.

Chinese suv is bigger than Skoda Kodiaq

On the other hand, I have Jetour, a Chinese manufacturer that proves that similar cars can be sold for a fraction of that amount. The X90 SUV is superior to the Skoda Kodiaq in many ways. It’s larger, has a longer wheelbase and also has two rows of seating for seven people. It can also have two independent seats in the middle and be a 6-seater version.

Amazing price and good engine

Under the hood there is an engine very similar to the Kodiaqu, a 1.5-liter gasoline with 156 hp, and for a small fee you can get a six-speed automatic. The variant is slightly larger, but much more powerful 1.6 Turbo with 197 hp. Its power is transmitted to the wheels via a 7-speed automatic transmission, but there is no chance of a 4×4 engine.

Chinese suv is bigger than Skoda Kodiaq

Behind this, perhaps, is the desire to reduce prices, which, however, are not visible in the standard equipment of this car. The base X90 has 6 airbags, a digital instrument cluster, a 9-inch multimedia screen, a camera assembly, adaptive cruise control, self-brake and automatic parking.

In the case of cars offered in Europe, most of these items will have to be paid extra in the premium segment. But Jetour offers all this on a basic basis and is available from an incredible 54,000 PLN. Even if you get to the thickest version of Shadow Royal Edition, its price will not exceed 82,000 PLN.

Chinese suv is bigger than Skoda Kodiaq

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