January 30, 2023


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The Chinese produced a pioneering integrated circuit.  They did it despite the penalties

The Chinese produced a pioneering integrated circuit. They did it despite the penalties

International Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, a Chinese chip manufacturer, has made great progress in this area recently.

The United States has imposed sanctions aimed at restricting the development of China’s largest integrated circuit manufacturer. And while SMIC was on a US trade blacklist, that didn’t stop it from making progress making the company an industry leader.

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What is it actually about? SMIC is claimed to have moved from a 14nm semiconductor manufacturing process to a 7nm semiconductor. This information was provided by Canadian company TechInsights after examining one of the systems pulled from a cryptocurrency miner.

Thus, this may lead to a manufacturing process that integrates logical cells and memory cells. In addition, there is something at stake that the West will not like more: China’s dependence on Western technology will decrease. Industry analysts are following SMIC and trying to assess whether sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies could prevent China from achieving self-sufficiency in semiconductor manufacturing.

It is assumed that the integrated circuit produced by SMIC took two years to develop

as South China Morning Newspaper US authorities are pressing the Dutch government to ban ASML Holdings, which has a dominant position in the production of advanced machines used to produce integrated circuits. Interestingly, it took only two years for the Chinese company SMIC to jump from 14 to 7 nm without access to the most advanced Western equipment and technology. By comparison, it took TSMC and Samsung three and five years in a row to reach the same level.

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representative TechInsights They added that SMIC now intends to provide access to advanced manufacturing processes for Chinese companies that have been restricted from advanced intermediaries, reduce China’s dependence on Western technology and restrictions, leverage knowledge gained from giants such as TSMC, Samsung and Intel, and accelerate the transition to mass production.