The Chinese are going to land on the moon with this thing.  And so on and so on

China’s lunar exploration plan aims to send three astronauts into orbit around the moon and allow two of them to land on the surface of the satellite. All this within a few years. Right now, the designs for the lunar walking suits are ready, and the lander’s appearance has also been revealed. Interestingly, Chinese astronauts will take a special vehicle to the moon.

Moon is a word that has been used in all kinds of ways lately. The moon is the goal, and the moon is the great reward. Every superpower wants to show they can fly there, but it’s all about profits. Unexpected huge profits. Scientific and commercial. The main players are the United States, Europe and China. The latter country has unveiled a vehicle that will land Chinese astronauts on the moon.

The Chinese take space seriously, have huge ambitions and are trying to expand their presence in space step by step. A Chinese space station is already successfully operating in Earth’s orbit, where laboratories are conducting a number of scientific research.

Currently, many experiments, including quantum ones, are underway or about to start on the space station. It is also investigating, for example, how effectively oxygen can be produced from algae, stem cells and “regenerative medicine” technologies are being researched.

Now China’s goal is to take a man to the moon. Preferably before the end of this contract. The pace is really brisk, but the engineers from the Middle Kingdom seem to be very tight with deadlines. They just bragged about it. An exhibition dedicated to the achievements of China’s manned flight program over the past three decades has opened at the National Museum of China. On this occasion, we have learned of some very important details.

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We have completed key technologies such as the next generation manned launch vehicle, the next generation of manned spacecraft, the lunar lander, the lunar landing suit, and the formulation of the lunar landing plan.

said Ji Qiming, deputy director of China’s manned space program.

A smaller model of the Long March-10 rocket was presented at the exhibition. The next-generation rocket will be used to launch payloads weighing more than 27 tons, including a lunar lander and lunar module, to an Earth-Moon transfer orbit.

The featured model of the lander shows a vehicle carried on the lunar surface, a crew hatch and a ladder by which the astronauts can descend to the surface.

A model of a Chinese landing craft

The vehicle’s main thrust will be used for most of the descent. At the end of this exciting process, the probe will ditch its engine and land easily on the lunar surface.

The thrust unit was designed so that, after detachment, it would hit the surface of the silver globe at a safe distance, so as not to damage the lander by shrapnel. At the end of the mission, the probe will be able to take off on its own and return the crew to lunar orbit where it will dock with the waiting spacecraft.

During the ongoing exhibition, it was revealed that China plans to expand its space station into Earth orbit by launching a new module that will stick to the existing structure and form a cross-body.

The exhibition also showcased China’s work on the next generation of reusable manned spacecraft that can take four to seven astronauts into space and return more than 700kg of payload.

China does not want to stop at just landing on the silver globe. This will only be the first step. China’s lunar exploration program includes building a permanent base there. In the next ten years, China plans to build a robotic research station at the lunar south pole. In the years 2031-2035, the construction of the International Lunar Research Station will begin, that is, a station in the orbit of our satellite and on its surface, where the permanent crew will be people. Then there’s the entire Artemis program (run by NASA, Japan, Canada and Europe), which has very similar goals. All we have to do is wait patiently, because there will be a lot of cosmic attractions.

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