The car you lose Tesla S What is Lucid Air?

The leader in the list of cars with the largest scope in the electric car market has changed. The title, which was hitherto owned by Tesla, was taken by Lucid Motors, whose boss was a former affiliate of Elon Musk.

Although there is a lot of work currently on electric cars StartupsOnly a small percentage of projects are actually implemented.

Lucid Motors recently joined the group of electric vehicle manufacturers. On Saturday, October 31, the keys were officially handed over to the first owners of the Lucid Air Dream. At a cost of 169 thousand. Gap. The sedan will be built in a limited series of 520 units.

Why 520? This number stands for the vehicle’s range, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates at 520 miles (about 837 km). The start of delivering vehicles to early consumers means that the Lucid Air Dream is now the electric vehicle with the largest range. The car outperformed the previous leader, the Tesla S, by more than 160 km.

How much a car can travel on a single charge is a key issue for potential electric vehicle owners. From the moment it appears Tesla On the market, her cars were the most offered in this field.

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