Two YouTubers decided to go shopping at a Lidl store in the UK. They then bought tickets and traveled to Poland, where they filled their basket with the same products. When they compared prices, they were surprised by the results of the experiment.

Josh Peters and Archie Manners are YouTubers who create funny material and implement unusual ideas. Influencers are very popular, and nearly 1.5 million users follow their channel online.

The two 30-year-olds rented a dollhouse-like mansion for rent two years ago, and a year ago produced a fake song to see if it would attract a million listeners. This time they decided to compare the costs of purchases made in two Lidl stores – Polish and British.

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They compared prices in two stores

Josh and Archie paid for their purchases at a British store 164.47 pounds (about PLN 840.79). The list of things required included: 135 products. The YouTuber stressed that they added goods to the basket that are taken into account when calculating food price inflation. There was no shortage of bread, eggs, honey, olive oil, bananas, oranges, flour, cheese, chicken breasts, and other types of meat.

Then the influential people began looking for plane tickets to another European city. The cheapest flight was Poznań. Josh and Archie Ryanair flights paid £47. This amount includes the one-way baggage in which the YouTuber planned to carry purchases made in Poland.

They were surprised by the prices in Poland

After arriving in Poznań, they immediately went to the store where they bought the same products. While shopping, they filled their basket to the brim and were terrified to find out how much they would pay. To their surprise, she showed up at the cash register The amount is PLN 496.60 (about £96.75). This means that they paid much less for purchases in Poland than they did in England.

Shopping in Poland turned out to be £67.72 cheaper. And even When they added up the costs of airfare (£47) and accommodation (£8.55), They weighed over 11 pounds. It turns out that it is profitable for the British to go shopping to Poland.

YouTubers haven’t taken one important thing into consideration. The minimum wage in Poland is: Total 3600 PLNand in Great Britain up to 8,952 Polish zloty.

Is it cheaper to travel to Poland to buy your groceries?

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