The brain can have super memory.  A method that was already used in ancient times helps

The method of improving memory was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and modern scientists say that daily training with it can improve memory skills.

The effects are amazing because it is even possible to double your brain’s memory capacity. The key to success in the form of obtaining what some refer to as super memory is the creation of what is called a memory palace. The effectiveness of this method was recently confirmed in a trial of 51 people. A noticeable improvement in memory performance has been observed in them.

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The four-month treatment allowed participants to remember 62 terms out of 72 tests. Before the start of the experiment, their abilities were much weaker, with an average score of 26 out of 72. Although this approach dates back to antiquity, because it was used by the Greeks and Romans at the time, the idea is now back.

Even in ancient Rome and Greece, this method was used to improve memory

How to improve memory in this way? First, we must imagine that we are walking somewhere in our mind. This is called memory palace. Then we must imagine that there are doors, cabinets, or various other things in that palace, each corresponding to a different word that we must remember.

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One of the most important aspects of this technology is that we can imagine almost any type of place. Houses, roads and even small communities can be used for this, thanks to which it will be possible to place many memories in one place and associate them with specific objects. In addition, scientists say that if memory is improved in this way, it should last for a relatively long time. They were followed for up to four months after the trial ended.

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