The world is trying to get rid of after it turns out that one of the leaders of the superhero group loved by millions – Stormfront, was a crazy Nazi. The entire company’s image was put to the test and its market value plummeted. However, the employers did not get out of such injustice. After all, their hums are causing them problems all the time, so they already have certain defense mechanisms put in place. All you have to do is make another high-budget movie in which Charlize Theron plays Stormfront, and the audience will forgive him for everything. After all, for them, superheroes are synonymous with entertainment, but they are tangible.

While fans are slowly starting to forget what happened, Ojczyznosław (Anthony StarStormfront’s betrayal is not easily forgotten. The woman broke his heart. I made a stock of laughs. I distorted the image, which made a very large and obvious scratch on it. The consequences of this are dire. Let’s start with the fact that bosses are no longer afraid of him and think he is not an attractive commodity as it once was. They start betting on a new star, Annie Jan, also known as the star (Erin Moriarty). Their research showed that it has very good reviews. The girl does not take it very well at first, but soon she sees the advantages of this situation.

Meanwhile, the butcher (Karl Urban), Hugh (Jack QuaidThe rest work in consultation with the government to help prosecute superheroes who break the law. However, it soon became clear that this new path was not as effective as initially assumed. It turns out that the rules by which they have to act have been set.

The new season of The children Maintains the level of the previous two. Screenwriters draw a handful of original comic books, but they also add a lot of themselves, creating an interesting story and developing the characters further so that their problems are attractive and attractive to the viewer. The best example of this is the relationship between Motherland and Butcher, guests who hate each other but will connect with each other through the events of the second season finale for the rest of their lives. They are both frustrated with it. Home is getting crazier, losing touch with reality. From a man who had the whole world under his feet, it begins to turn into a parody. He feels that the crew members are starting to respect him less, which makes him aggressive. All too often, he begins to dump his frustration on random victims, like Speedy (Jessie T. Asher), who is trying to get back to his former level after an injury.

It’s similar to what happened with Butcher, who is tired of the fact that some superheroes kick his ass at every possible opportunity. However, he had obtained some privacy that could give him superpowers for a while. This makes it possible to fight such degeneration on an equal footing. As you can guess, he uses it up quickly. He will do anything to destroy the organization and send most of the false heroes to prison or to the afterlife. He explains to himself that he is doing this to protect his wife’s child, but in fact it heals his life complex and hurts his ego.

boys This season focuses on the mental problems of most of the heroes, but does not forget what the series is about and what fans expect from it. The carcass is densely strewn, tripe is flying around in every loop, blood is flowing in liters. Creators do not want to repeat themselves, so every now and then they come up with new, more exciting ways to kill onscreen characters. Already in the first minutes of the first episode, they set a high ceiling for themselves, and then it only gets better.

Undeniably, this production has two stars who steal in every episode all the great heroes. They are Karl Urban and Anthony Starr. Both gentlemen, as befits the pros, click on their champions, improving them every season. They do not drive their cars on autopilot, but they try to add new emotional layers to them, which interest the viewer and stay with them longer.

He feels good in the new team Jensen Ackles. He plays the Soldier Boys, a brutal and mentally unstable version of Captain America. I have to say that Jensen didn’t take long to adjust to the nature of the show. From the first scenes, you can see that he understands what this story is about and he really enjoyed it. I can’t reveal more so as not to polish the story, but I have to admit that Private Boysa did very well.

Amazon knows that all too well boys It has become one of their main products and they are doing their best to please the fans. I was a bit skeptical after watching the uneven animation Men offer: Pure Evil But you can see that it was a slight slip in the action and the main chain was still pretty loud.


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