The Bounce condemns the intimidation of Safia Nol

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

“We urge you to be humane and to consider the impact of your words and actions on Safia’s mental health and safety. [Nolin] Ponsound asked in a post on his social media. This message was sent directly to the authors Montreal Journal Richard Martineau and Sophie Durocher and their employer, Quebecor.

The recording company accuses Safia Knoll of inciting hatred, and continues to publish dailies aimed at threatening Safia Knoll, keeping themselves “under the cover of what she says” and “under the guise of opinion”. Ponsound points out that the singer-songwriter receives hateful messages, including death threats, “with alarming frequency.”

“I want it to stop, I don’t want anyone else to go through this. […] Occasionally something happens to me – because of the number of threats I receive after you [chroniques]There is something to be afraid of – I hope you can sleep well, ”Safia Nolin said on Instagram on Friday.

In the interview Duty Last May, She was already relying on the insults and threats she received every day. She points out that she is “sometimes scared.” [sa] Security ”, this expression of hatred spread from her condemnation to her digital life to emerge in the“ real world ”. Activities of Actress Morpheus Morin On Instagram in July 2020. He noted that the whole of Montreal was subjected to hateful graffiti.

The next day comes Sophie Drocher’s new article about this public release artist of Ponsound. In this speech, “Safia Nol has been appointed as the Minister of Justice! The columnist alleges that he criticized the Star Academy for inviting Patrick Bruel to his album last Sunday.

Ruthlessness and independent opinion

At the time of writing, Quebecor and authors Sophie Durocher and Richard Martineau have not responded to interview requests. home work. However, Mr. Martino, who has reacted several times on Facebook in recent days, ruled that Safia Knoll was “absolutely incapable of taking even the slightest criticism” and said she was “a victim of a situation”.[elle] At [elle]- Also created.

On social networks, many personalities have defended the artist, including actress Catherine Brunet, writer Martin Del Vaux, filmmaker Monia Chokri or comedians Mary-Line Joncas, Adib Alkalide and Sam Breton.

“It’s relentless! They have the technical right to criticize Safia Knoll, her positions are public.

In his latest book Canceled. Reflections of Cancellation Culture (2021), He identified how many times Safia Nolin was criticized in the daily newspapers. Conclusion: 34 “unfavorable” texts, including 20 by Sophie Durocher, were published between November 2016 and July 2020, before the singer condemned Morpheus Morin. Since then, the pace has increased. For 2022 alone, this will be the third column, which will be the M.C.Me Drocher writes about Safia Nol. “I’m very serious about what Safia Knoll is up to to create clicks and / or calm her down,” Judith Lucier insists.

Mark-Fran்கois Bernier, a professor of journalism ethics and professional behavior at the University of Ottawa, points out that it is not uncommon to see columnists. Montreal Journal – Their “favorite targets”, their “pets”. “They have the right, at least until proven otherwise. That is, when a court eventually decides it is harassment or libel, it goes so far,” he explains.

The professor points out that the newspaper is the most independent type of newspaper. “Then, is it still fair, is it ethical? That’s another question. Because, he goes on, the ethics are specific to each author. The latter may decide to” align “with journal standards and practices or ignore them.

“No one can be completely insensitive to the echoes of their speeches and comments in public. You should consider it when you have such a site, ”he concludes.

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