The Boryszew subsidiary will suspend operations in Russia.  Punishment effect

Boryszew Plastics Rus will cease operations from March 14th. As reported by Boryszew, this was due to the suspension of production by foreign car companies.

As of the date of the report, the group was not able to accurately estimate potential adverse effects Financial issues This decision.

Car companies are withdrawing from Russia

Decisions to withdraw from Russia general motorsAnd the Volkswagen And the Volvo had already taken earlier this week. Three companies have announced that they will withdraw shipments of cars to Russia.

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Volkswagen also announced that it would suspend production at plants in Russia. Bloomberg reported that Toyota made the same decision.

On the other hand Group Mercedes Benz Examination of the legal potential of the 15 percent sale has begun. Shares in the Russian company KAMAZ – reported the daily “Handelsblatt”. Kamaz is a company that produces trucks and armored vehicles.

Daimler Trucks – The largest truck manufacturer in the world – Suspended all commercial activities in Russia. The company also cut off contacts with KAMAZ.

Polish companies boycott Russia and Belarus

The whole world imposes sanctions on Russia for attacking Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine aroused strong opposition from the entire democratic world. Among most major economies Some Russian banks have been approved to be cut off from the system Swift.

This made the Russian ruble depreciate sharply, and the crisis continues to deepen as on Wednesday in the European Union Sanctions relating to the expulsion of the Russians have entered into force From the World Association for International Financial Communications. Entities subject to these sanctions are virtually unable to do business with the rest of the world.

Similar or similar sanctions have also been imposed on Russia by, among others, the United States, Great Britain, and Japan.

Belarus is also a target of sanctions

Brussels also responded to Belarus’ frank accession to the war waged by Russia, which attacked Ukraine. The European Union has imposed sanctions on 22 high-ranking members of Belarus army. It was because of their role in decision-making and strategic planning processes that led their country to join the war. Total European sanctions Among them, 702 people and 53 entities are operating in Belarus.



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