The “black alien” complains about his fate: sometimes they don’t want to serve me in a restaurant

His ears were removed, his nose and part of his fingers were missing, and his tongue was cut out. In addition, implants protrude from his body here and there, and his skin is almost completely covered in tattoos – he even has ink in his eyeballs. He announces that he is considering amputation of his good leg.

Transforming into an alien gave him confidence

Anthony Loffredo recently gave an interview to Ladbible TV where he shared his thoughts on how he is perceived by others. In an interview with No Filter, he revealed what prompted him to take such an extreme look, as well as about the consequences he faces.

“Sometimes when I want to eat in a restaurant, the waiter says I can’t sit on the balcony,” says the alien. French guesses that the restaurant staff apparently didn’t want the original guest to scare off potential guests.

Anthony Loffredo

The 34-year-old revealed that he is not happy living in his real, normal body. Previously worked as a security guard. Contrary to appearances, transforming into a “black alien” gave him more self-confidence.

“There are people who thank me because they feel safer now. The looks they make on the street don’t bother me anymore,” said the Frenchman.

a look: A teacher complains that his tattoos prevent him from working with children

Loffredo began to change his body at the age of twenty-seven. He identifies with transgender people because he also believes he was born in the wrong body and is trying to find peace in the new one.

“There are people who have open minds and there are people who think narrowly,” he explained in the video. – If she is. So it will be with all mankind. “I can’t force everyone to open up about everything,” he added.


Anthony Loffredo

Many of the alterations or operations he underwent were banned in Europe and the United States. When he removed his lip, he had to relearn how to speak. When he became a “black alien”, he could not find a job.

Despite the drastic changes he has made to his body, he still considers his project a finished job. In an interview, he admitted that he still had “54 percent” to achieve the intended effect.

Man’s goal is to one day trade his skin for… metal.


Anthony Loffredo

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