“The Bikeriders” has a premiere date in Poland!  Austin Butler and Tom Hardy are together in the Motorcycle Club

This year, a real treat for motorcycle enthusiasts will be released in cinemas, especially for those who enjoy the atmosphere of motorcycle clubs. “Bikers” tells a fictional story inspired by the life of the Outlaws MC founder. We already know when it will be shown in Polish cinemas.

We reported on “The Bikeriders” back in December of last year, when the first trailers appeared. The start of production was not easy due to distribution problems. Eventually, the rights to the film were purchased by Focus Features, and will be available in Poland thanks to United International Pictures. The film stars Austin Butler, Tom Hardy and Jodie Comer.

The film’s premiere took place during the 50th Telluride Film Festival in August last year. Jeff Nichols writes and directs. In the film we will see the story of Benny, who founded the Vandals Motorcycle Club. Soon the innocent fun turns into an organized event, and it escalates from being just a club to turning into a motorcycle gang.

The action takes place in the 1960s in Chicago. The inspiration for the film was Danny Lyon’s 1967 photo book, which depicts the lives of members of the Outlaws MC club. The Outlaws MC Club was founded in 1935 in the suburb of McCook, Illinois, and is currently headquartered in Chicago. Before filming, Jeff Nichols met with Leon to tell him more about the club and its history.

As for the premiere date in Poland, there is some discrepancy, because ads say it is scheduled to be shown on June 21, while cinema websites show the date of August 9. This is probably due to the fact that the film will be released in US theaters on June 21. You can watch the trailer for the film below.

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