The best series of 2022. Filmweb editors recommend 15 series
After the list of the most anticipated films of the coming year, it’s time to take a look back. We decided to choose the best series to watch in Poland in the last 12 months. The task turned out to be very difficult. We live in a golden age of soap operas that quickly turn into a glut. TV stations and streaming platforms produce so many titles that even just good ones are too many for one man. By the way, we found out for ourselves when we were making this list. It turns out that each member of the editorial staff saw something different this year. As a result, we decided to change the look of our menu a bit. It will not be a ranking, but a list of recommendations.

If the number of series – both new and ongoing – scares you, we hope that our list will be useful and you will be able to choose something for yourself.

However, we must emphasize that this is only a sampling of what pleased us last year. Missing from the list are the great cartoon “The Legend of Vox Machina” and the second season of “Primal”, the biopic “Pam and Tommy”, the thriller “Reacher” or the comedy series “Crimes next door”.

Killers series – summary of 2022

For more of our take on what delighted, surprised, and disappointed us in the soap opera world in the past year, find the special episode of Killers to watch below.

Top 15 TV series of 2023 according to Filmweb

Release date: January 13 | HBO Max

Release date: February 8 | Canal + online

Release date: February 18 | + Apple TV

Release date: March 25 | + Apple TV

Release Date: April 18th | Netflix
Season 6.

Release date: April 24 | HBO Max
Season 3.

Release date: May 27 | Netflix
Season 4.

Release date: June 23 | Disney +

Release Date: July 15 | HBO Max

Release date: August 22 | HBO Max

Release date: September 13 | Netflix

Release date: September 21st | Disney +

Release date: October 5 | Netflix

Release date: November 23 | Netflix

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