The best movies and series on TV for the weekend.  What do you watch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

There is no doubt that the biggest hits of the weekend of March 11-13 were loud “Joker” With the wonderful role played by Joaquin Phoenix and the final part of Star Wars, i.e. “Skywalker. Rebirth”. Users of popular VOD services can also be tempted to participate in the current Oscar race “Dune” or Adam’s Project With Ryan Reynolds. What do you choose? Advise!

The best movies and series – Friday, March 11

The strongest title on Friday evening is “The Joker” (TVN, 20:00). In the image of Todd Phillips, he played the title character Joaquin Phoenixcreating a multi-dimensional creativity, which undoubtedly has a permanent place in the history of cinema, and the entire film breaks out of the framework of a typical story about comic book superheroes and villains.

Horror movie fans can be drawn to the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “this is” – According to fans, one of the best adaptations of the horror master.

  • “Joker”TVN, 20:00
  • “Two weeks of love”TVN7, 20:00
  • Detective MurdochEpic Drama 21:30 (TV series)
  • “this is”TVN, 22:40
  • “American”TVP, 23:15
  • “Spider-Man: Far From Home”Polsat, 23:15

In addition to movies and series, TV stations attract during the weekend with their flagship entertainment productions, such as Your face looks familiar (Pulsat, 20:05). Users of popular streaming platforms can also pay attention to the first shows that will appear on individual services Friday, March 11th:

  • Adam’s Project (Netflix)
  • “Muharram” (Netflix)
  • “Pain” (HBO Max)
  • “preacher” (HBO Max)
  • “Download” Season Two (Amazon Prime)
  • “The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray” (Camel)

The best movies and series – Saturday 12 March

Saturday evening, is worth watching the Oscar-winning animation “what what”Fans of superhero stories can choose from two titles: an amazing comic “Ant-Mana” Or the epic story of the struggle between two defenders of justice – Batman and Superman. Those looking for entertainment can count on two Saturday music shows: “The Voice Kids” (TVP2, 20:00) or “Singer Mask” (TVN, 20:00).

  • “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”TVN Fabula, 20:00
  • “what what”TV Puls2, 20:00
  • “ant Man”Polsat, 21:10
  • “Love is everything”TVN, 21:20
  • “Elite Assassins”TVP1, 21:35
  • “single planet”TVN7, 22:00

On Saturday’s live broadcasts, we will find the following news:

  • “house in the woods” (Netflix)
  • “Next Summer’s Nightmare” (Netflix)
  • “Passengers” (HBO Max)
  • “Polado” (HBO Max).

The best movies and series – Sunday, March 13

It is worth spending a Sunday evening in the company “Iron woman”. British biographical drama, directed by Phylida Lloyd, showing the rise to power and rule of Margaret Thatcher, three-time Prime Minister of Great Britain. The main role, as always, was played by the impeccable Meryl Streep.

For fans of great movie shows, in turn, the last episode of “Star Wars” i.e. “Skywalker. Rebirth”while those who crave entertainment like a talent show, may be tempted by the episode “Masterchef Junior” (TVN, 20:00).

  • “Aquaman”TVN7, 20:00
  • “Comet Centenary”TVP1, 20:15 (TV series)
  • “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”TV4, 20:00
  • “red”TV Pulse, 20:00
  • “Iron woman”Ale kino +, 21:55
  • “My Great Greek Wedding”TVP1, 22:20
  • “Star Wars: Skywalker. Rebirth”Polsat, 23:10

Sunday premiere on streaming platforms:

  • “top boy” Season 2 (Netflix)
  • “Dune” (HBO Max)
  • “Between Heaven and Earth” (HBO Max)
  • “White Castle” (HBO Max).

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