The best games on Steam in 2021 according to user ratings

The end of 2021 is approaching, with summaries, memories and reflections. It’s no different in the video game industry. Thanks to SteamDB database and there algorithm mo¿emy poznaæ Highest rating for production It was released last year on Steam.

The title that got the best score is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator ?? It can boast over 96% positive user reviews. They are right behind him Dyson Ambassador Program (96.1%) and Dr. Ritam (95.83%). Among the 250 games we can also find larger productions, such as: take two (nineteenth place), Resident Evil Village (24th place) and Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (59th place).

A large part of the games on the list are indie games or ?? Very specialized positions in which only a few “select” have played. The SteamDB table also includes Polish dialects, even in the form of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Studio Red Dot Games, which is ranked 57th with over 92% positive reviews. A full list of 250 titles is available here. There is also information about the maximum number of players having fun in a particular production at the same time.

How does the SteamDB algorithm work?

SteamDB algorithm generator that sorts the highest rated games bragHis method is better than the one used on the Valve platform. There, he explains, does it matter how many ratings? Only the same ratio is calculated. As a result, there are situations where a single-opinion game is above production with 48 positive reviews and 1 negative review. The author shared the formula on which the algorithm is based.

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