The Belgian coach received a question about working in Poland.  The Polish national team is already offering Kulesza an idea

president polishing union Nona PikeCezary Kulesza has not yet extended the contract with Czesław Michniewicz and will discuss the future of the coach at the acting Poland in the following weeks. He also began to investigate the interest of others in the position of coach of the national team.

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Roberto Martinez from Belgium to Poland? Talks possible from January

Soon the coach of one of the leading European national teams will be free, Robert Martinez. The Belgians will say goodbye to the Spanish coach at the end of the year and someone else will lead them in qualifying for the European Championship in 2024. Thus, Martinez will have free space for negotiations with potential new employers.

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– I have a contract until the end of the year you mentioned. Then maybe I want to have a little rest with my family. Martinez noted In an interview with the WP Sportowe Fakty portal.

Martinez “with no specific plans”. PZPN must first clarify Michniewicz’s future

– I don’t have specific plans. I am not near or far from any club or national team, because I did not negotiate. In fact, you never know what the future holds for you. Even closer, Martinez ruled.

Zdzislaw Kręcina and Czeslaw MichniewiczKręcina: Michniewicz deleted himself. it’s incomprehensible. appeared publicly

In the interview, he also summed up his six years as coach of the Belgians. Working with Belgium has been a pure pleasure for several reasons. I love to build, and this word is not limited to the team. For me, it’s equally important to lay the foundations, to do something that will bear fruit when I’m probably not here. The selector must act in two ways: the first is here and now, and thus the results. But the future is just as important.

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– We don’t want to rush, – Cesare Colizza, President of PZPN, repeats in recent days, who wants to make a collective decision on the coach’s future. According to our information, Cheslav machinewich He may count on the support of the council, but this does not mean that he will retain his position. journalist Bartłomiej Kubiak writes about the situation of Miceniewicz. Only its settlement will cause a greater presence of the names of the coach’s potential successors, not only in the media, but also in the activities of the federation president.

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