The Beatles: Get Back Trailer Released

Disney + Introduces Official Trailer and Poster The Beatles: Come back, A six-hour documentary series directed by Peter Jackson aired in three episodes.

Andre Duchenne

Andre Duchenne

The series sank into the heart of the work sessions of the famous quartet in January 1969 while recording excerpts from the album. Let it be.

To do this, Peter Jackson (Head of rings) Were privileged to have unpublished footage about 60 hours before it was originally taken to create the documentary. Let it be De Michael Lindsay-Hawk.

Unlike Lindsay-Hawk’s documentary, which depicts the heavy situation within the group, Peter Jackson lives in happy, highly inspired moments that allow for a new reading of this important period in history.

Photo provided by Disney +

Poster of the series

The documentary covers the entire Beatles’ last live performance on the roof of the Savile Row building in London. We also listened to songs from the last two Fab Four albums, Abe Road And Let it be.

The documentary premieres on November 25, 26 and 27 at Disney +.

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