The Beata Fido scandal is gaining momentum.  There is a statement from TVP

The echoes of the loud scandal on TVP after the recent audit conducted in Woronicza are not silent. It turned out that popular actress Beata Fido was also working at TVP World as a “senior managing editor.” The 2023 contract calls for 40 hours of duties. weekly. The problem was that Fido only worked for 34 hours.

“The notification concerns the fictitious long-term employment of an employee, Beata Fido, who did not actually perform the work assigned to her under the employment contract, which, taking into account the remuneration paid to her for the years 2016-2023, resulted in damages (…) to TVP In the amount of more than PLN 1.5 million,” TVP representatives officially announced.

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Beata Fido disappears from the air

After Fido lost her role in “The Forester’s Lodge,” it turns out we probably won’t see her in any other favorite series. The press office of “Commissioner Alex” reported that Fido is no longer part of the cast of the ninth episode of the twenty-first season.

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