The Artemis 1 mission will launch on September 3 in the evening.  NASA is concerned about the weather

The unmanned Artemis 1 mission has received another chance from NASA and a new launch date. The world’s largest SLS rocket will try to start its engines and take off Saturday 3 September With a 2-hour startup window starting from 20.17 Polish time. This means that if you do 22.17 The rocket will not take off, so the whole mission will have to be postponed again for a few days. Rocket Space Launch System (SLS) With the Orion spacecraft on top of it, it’s on standby on the launch pad the whole time 39 b space center websiteKennedy Space Centerr” in Florida.

The first start date, scheduled for Monday, August 29, has been cancelled An error was found when an engine was tested for liquid hydrogen and oxygen. One of the four engines RS-25 marked Number 3 He couldn’t reach the temperature needed to start working properly. Mission controllers suspect that the engine problem may be caused by a faulty temperature sensor.

During the next take-off attempt, NASA plans to start Famous countdown 30-45 minutes early It is customary to closely monitor the temperature of all engines. It must be very low (-153.89 °C)So that the fuel, in the form of liquid hydrogen and oxygen, easily reaches the combustion chamber of the engine.
But Engine 3’s suspiciously high temperature isn’t the only reason the Artemis mission was canceled on Monday. NASA has detected a small hydrogen leak from the vent valve of the SLS rocket’s main fuel tank.

The earliest launch date for the Artemis mission, ie Saturday August 3 Also not sure. All because of the weather, because on this day showers and storms may occur in the morning and in the afternoon. meteorologist Mark Burgerweather officer in 45th US Space Force Weather Squadron In an interview with CNN, he said they are following the latest weather reports with great concern. “There is a 60 percent chance that there may be unfavorable weather during the starting window like this” – He said Burger. If that happens, it will be the next mission launch date September 5.

Artemis 1 unmanned mission It is the first stage of man’s return to the moon. Space ship Orion It will revolve around the Silver Globe. in 2024 As part of the mission Artemis 2 There will be astronauts aboard Orion, and the flight plan is almost identical to the situation Artemis 1. This is the most important part of the lunar mission Artemis 3 It is scheduled 2025. This is when humans will land on the moon again for the first time since then Apollo 17 mission in 1972. There will be a woman among the astronauts who set foot on the Silver Globe. The Artemis mission also includes the creation of a space station with a housing unit in lunar orbit.

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