Aleksander Szypluk (fot. Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics)

In Novosibirsk, Alexander Szyblok, director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, was arrested on suspicion of high treason. He is the third employee of this institution arrested in the past few weeks – according to what was reported by Reuters, citing Russian state media.

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In recent years, Szypluk has coordinated research supporting the development of hypersonic missile systems. Moved to Lefortovo detention center in MoscowAn inspection was conducted at his workplace. Suspected of high treason.

The third Novosibirsk scientist is accused of treason. One is already dead

Like Anatoly Maslov, a 75-year-old physicist, chief scientist at the institute led by Szypluk, who was arrested on June 27 and also transferred to Lefortov. Maslov is suspected of providing China with data on hypersonic missiles.

He is the third scientist from Novosibirsk to be held for high treason in the past few weeks. On June 30, the 54-year-old director of the Laboratory for Quantum Optical Technology at the Institute of Laser Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences was arrested Dimitri Kolker.

to Lefortov He was taken directly from the hospital (He was in the last stage of pancreatic cancer.) After three days in custody, he died.

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