The Armageddon weather has already taken its toll.  Big hail, black skies and storms – Poland

On Friday, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued the following: Third warning, The highest temperature before storms for the following governorates:

  • lower Silesia,
  • greater poland,
  • opole district,
  • Silesia,
  • Lodz,
  • Świętokrzyskie,
  • Lesser Poland.

In these areas thunderstorms may occur heavy rain, a Wind speed may reach 120 km/h. Possible locally a graduate.

IMWM forecaster Dorota Pakocha said in an interview with that the appearance of tornadoes is also possible. – Although the most dangerous phenomena occur mainly in the southwestern and southern parts of the country, strong storms will also occur in the west and in central Poland. She added that the weather will be calmer in the northeast.

before Dangerous weather in the country The Government Security Center also warned. “Attention! Today and at night (21/22/06) there will be thunderstorms with hail and strong winds. Possibility of power outages. Secure items that may be carried by the wind” – this was the message that all citizens could read.

Almost all of Poland is in IMWM alerts

In turn, meteorologists issued alerts for Category 2 storms in the province. Western Pomeranian Voivodeship, Lubuskie Voivodeship and parts of the province of Greater Poland, Kujawi-Pomerania, Łódź, Mazovia, Świecórzyskie, Podkarpackie and Lublin Voivodeships.

First-degree warnings were issued to the governorate. Pomeranian Governorate and parts of the Warmian-Masurian Governorate, Kuyavian Pomeranian, Masovian, Podlasie, Lublin and Podkarpacti.

especially Dangerous weather will occur Friday night. In some areas, dangerous weather conditions are already being felt.

There are already the first photos after storms and storms

The storm spotters network group reported that storms in the area of ​​Lobomirz and Lovik Oliski occurred accompanied by large hail.

“If you are in its path, be careful – it also dumps heavy rain and carries strong, damaging winds!” – We read.

The Gazeta Wrocławska website also reported the presence of large hailstones in Lower Silesia. Local media also reported that several outdoor events in the area had been cancelled.

A strong storm also appeared in Legnica. The video also shows strong winds.

There is also heavy rain in Lubuskie County.

It was especially dangerous in Šerardov-Zdrój, where residents saw almost black skies during the day.

Level 3 red alerts – what do they mean?

Let us remember that level three alerts mean the possibility of dangerous weather events occurring that will cause very significant damage, even Disasters and threats to life. Dangerous weather phenomena or the consequences of their occurrence will make it impossible to carry out various activities.

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